Cruella ★★★½

there are so many things in this i love: Emma Stone, the fucking amazing soundtrack, Craig Gillespie’s fun and absorbing direction, the editing, the cinematography amongst a couple other things. the film lacks in its messy and tonally confusing screenplay, not as much in terms of how fun the film is, but the execution of certain elements. some of its pretty good and some of it is quite horrific. i don’t know why they also made the climax of the film some Oceans 11 style editing with some dodgy CGI? it just seemed very weird in that context. the film wasn’t boring?

for a disney film it’s quite cliche as it’s family friendly, but it was much darker and overall, better than i imagined it would be. i haven’t seen either of the Dalmatian films either so i don’t know? i’d be more excited to check out a sequel to this than to watch the original stuff. it’s a lot of fun.

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