Suspiria ★★★★

Hypnotic colors and dreamlike filmmaking dazzles in Dario Argento's horror classic, an unsettling yet beautiful journey into womanhood and witchcraft. Everything just looks and feels so vivid, but the film does not only has its colorful production design and masterful lighting to boast. Many sequences are genuinely creepy and suspenseful, something I find rare in older horror films. The climax is an unforgettable highlight: a remarkably filmed conclusion that the story carefully built up.

Nevertheless, the occasional off pacing and datedness could not help but be noticed. The actors are mostly mouthing English words yet there is still an off English dubbing, while the ambitious post-rock score, which is intentionally uneasy to listen, blares and mutes at peculiar times. But for some reason, such imperfections enhance the impressiveness of the film's achievements even if it is a product of the '70s.

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