The Witch

The Witch ★★★★★

It still pisses me off the fact that the Academy did not give any nomination for this masterpiece, a horror triumph in last decade. Especially, the performances are superb, even the animals should be nominated for best supporting role nominee. It's been five years since I watched it for the first time and this movie introduced me to Anya Taylor Joy. I remember back than in 2016 no one talked about this film like these days and when I asked about Anya TJ to my friends they had no idea who she was. So happy to see her today have a huge crowd of fans and stay outstanding in her roles. Back to The Witch, I do really love it and the way I feel about it never change. It is a personal thing in my life too. One day, this film and other godly films will have their decently perfect review. So please watch this ❤

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