The Power ★★★

Stay safe and stay near the candle.

This was a movie that gave you a solid story but not much on solid scares. Set in 1973 where there was an actual rolling of blackouts in the UK at that time, we get spookery of the dark and hospitals all in one movie.

The characters were done well though the lacking of the backstory for the main character Val, besides small mentions, didn't help in engaging the rooting for the character fully. I was rooting more for Saba than anything in this movie. The movie does fall into that hole of jump scares to drive the point of the spookery where the atmosphere was doing that well enough.

The Power does have a decent story and twist along with it, even though it was slightly predictable. Overall, this was a good watch for the spookery it tried to dish out and the story. Especially with this being Corinna Faith's directorial debut, she has potential and worth keeping an eye on this one.

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