Cosmopolis ★★★★

third viewing and the most enjoyable one yet. cronenberg’s formal acuity astounds, as do the series of hilariously narcoticized bon mots, all delivered by actors with varying grasps on how to best approach the material (consensus seems to be that sarah gadon fares the best and i would agree, although samantha morton seems to have a similarly preternatural feel for the stilted deadpan.) i remember seeing this my sophomore year at NYU and hating much of it. of course, much of what i disliked was by design: the shiny, digital artificiality, the brechtian distance, the general sense that something was seriously off between each cut from frame to slightly off-kilter frame. in a sense, my mistake was the same as eric packer’s; i had failed to appreciate the importance of the lopsided

“the thing that’s skewed a little. you were looking for balance, beautiful balance, equal parts, equal sides, i know this, i know you... you should have listened to your body.”

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