The Face of Another

The Face of Another ★★★½

Finally, another film I’ve been meaning to watch for ages. There’s quite a few feelings I have for this one, but I can say for certain that The Face of Another did not disappoint. More or less a solid execution of an interesting premise, the movie is a somber look into what it is to be someone, to be a person behind a public appearance. Very interesting how it goes to such lengths to suggest that people live two different lives based on what they show and what they do not. It’s a tried and true story even by 1966, but Hiroshi Teshigahara pulls it off with elegance.

All the other elements of the film are more or less good and solid, but two really stand out as exemplary — the music and the final sequence. The ambient, almost alien tracks played throughout the picture are so haunting and befitting (it reminds me of incidental music from ‘The Daleks’, which is always a good thing). And that final scene… you see it coming, but the thematic impact and the bone-chilling faces of the crowd still get to you. I loved that moment so much. That sequence is almost enough to justify watching The Face of Another on its own. There’s a lot more to enjoy here, though (particularly a belter of a lead performance), so I eagerly recommend it to you social-commentary sci-fi enthusiasts.

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