The Death of David Cronenberg

The Death of David Cronenberg ★½

From the mind behind Videodrome, Scanners and Crash comes… a 50-second commercial product.

It’s a film, yes, and there’s definitely a drop or two of that Cronenberg touch that can be detected. Is it enough to pay for, though? Sorry, David, but I’ve seen amateur short films with more effort and love poured into it. Whichever way I look at it, The Death of David Cronenberg is a thing of shame. From what it (inadvertently or otherwise) represents to the infinitesimal amount of impact it had on me, it’s cold on all cylinders. If a David Lynch short film has this little effort and ambition into it, I’ll more than willingly give the same rating. It feels like — and I hate to say this about something made by whom many consider an auteur — a phoned-in video product. But hey, it’s not like I personally paid to watch this. Watch this if you’re really that interested; me, I just feel sad about the whole thing.

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