Promare ★★★★

I absolutely loved Promare. Fun characters in a fun story doing fun stuff is just what I needed to watch on a gloomy day, and the intense sensory overload this film gives is positively unmatched. This is the first time I watched Trigger Studio's work, and their animation style is amazing. So colorful with a unique light pink-ish palette it is, never shying away from making every frame as striking as it can be. It's as if the filmmakers made it their mission to fill every shot with as detailed, dazzling colors as possible. Probably the most exciting variant of fire animation I've seen in a movie, and it never gets old. As of now, the film's animation is also the only one I've seen that perfectly integrates 2D with 3D; the fight scenes are dynamic and creative, the action crisp and over-the-top and beautiful, and not a frame feels awkward or phoned in.

Boasting such a unique artstyle and a fun plot that contains criticism towards discrimination and exploitation (both real-world problems) and a gay subtext that becomes so in-your-face towards the end that it's ridiculous, Promare is a firefighter mecha/superhuman liberation sci-fi anime film that shoots a jetload of adrenaline down your entire body. Let the fire in your soul burn!

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