The Kindergarten Teacher ★★★★½

Where to start with this one. I loved this movie. I watched it not having a clue of what I was getting into. This is probably one of the most unique child prodigy movies I've watched. The teachers character is so magnificently built, the setting is painted in such a way that everything in her life seems bleak, down to what she's eating and how her kids interact with her. When she does find that change in her life, the opportunity to mentor this talented kid, lines are blurred and it is evident that the motivations there are selfish. She is doing this to live a life she never could through through his talent. This causes her to cross some lines that aren't always in the kid's best interest. The kicker in this, is that the kid is FIVE. Everything about this movie is intriguing, unsettling and melancholic. The buildup to the culminating is absolutely wonderful and the end is heartbreaking.