Tenet ★★★½

When Elizabeth Debicki said "I don't understand", it was the most connected I felt with anybody in this movie.

As a huge fan of Nolan's work and his stories that bend time to his will, I am here to say that Tenet does this for better and worse. Time inversion leads the way for intense, though slightly incomprehensible action sequences that demonstrate a blockbuster director at the peak of his Nolanisms.

But for viewers who are keen on watching this film for the story, do yourself a favor and wait until a digital release comes out so you can actually understand what the hell everyone is saying. The sound mixing isn't quite as atrocious as some people claim it to be, but the real issue lies with characters spewing miles worth of exposition at such a fast rate that it becomes virtually impossible to catch everything on your first viewing without subtitles. If you're still keen on going to the theater, see if you can find a screening with subtitles.

Arguably Nolan's coldest film from an emotional standpoint, expect him turning to his "cool Bond" side with this time bending espionage thriller. Characters are not strong, but the actors themselves bring life to them and this feels like an intentional way to get us more focused on the subject matter rather than the plight of the characters. Outside of the ending action sequence, the tenseness does not come from fear of characters dying, but rather HOW time inversion will affect an otherwise normal scene in reality. It isn't until about an hour and a half into the film where Nolan completely takes advantage of time inversion to give us memorable set pieces and answers to questions we may have had in the first act. The emotional gut punch is more like a soft jab to the ribs, but there's enough high octane blockbuster filmmaking to make up for it.

I just beg you to see this movie with subtitles before forming an opinion. Even this review is a work in progress and I will give full thoughts when I've watched it a second time.

This movie gets a leg up for showing off Elizabeth Debicki in all her 6'3 glory.

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