Superman ★★★★½

What can you say about Superman that hasn’t already been said before . Arguably the most iconic Superhero movie ever made ( not necessary the best ) and the best choice of leading actor in any such film of its kind . 

This was one of the first films I ever saw on VHS ( I don’t remember seeing it in the theatre ) . I was about twelve at the time and as soon as I heard that iconic music from John Williams , I was hooked . 

Having watched it again as a 52 year old i realise it’s not the greatest film . It has its faults ( no pun intended) and it does look dated but it still gives me that buzz. 

Christopher Reeve was absolutely perfect for the role and I believe there never has or never will be anyone better for the job . Christopher Reeve IS Superman. 
It’s such a terrible shame what happened to him . 

What I didn’t realise first time round was that Superman is just an appetiser for what is the main course and that’s Superman 2 . 

This is just an introduction. 

The first people we see are General Zod , Ursa and Non and only for a few seconds . They are the baddies in the next film . 
We get hints of a romance between Superman and Lois and Lex Luther is just getting started . 

I still find it amazing that they paid Marlon Brando four million Dollars for his twelve minutes of screen time and he’s not exactly putting everything into his performance either , and his lack of effort was obvious to see in many of his later films . 
I’ve given this 4.5 stars . If it wasn’t for the John Williams Score it might just a 3.5 or a 4 but it holds a place in my heart , despite it’s problems , so it deserves that mark   .