Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy ★★★½

Beverley Hills hipster brat Norval (Elijah Wood) drags his expensive suitcase through a forest in rural Oregan to visit the impressive log cabin of his absentee father Brian (Stephen McHattie) who beckoned a reunion via a recent letter he sent.

At first, delighted to see him his hard-drinking dad soon becomes irascible towards Norval who doesn't do much to ingratiate himself via easily exposed delusions of grandeur but Brian suddenly becomes violent and dangerous and that combined with something going bump in the basement leads to matters escalating and a cacophony of bloodshed will follow.

Neatly constructed by Ant Timpson it's perfectly cast with Elijah Wood never better and McHattie, Martin Donovan and in particular the foul-mouthed Michael Smiley all on the money in roles that they embody effortlessly.

At just over 90 mins the pace is relentless and the dialogue sharp as a tack.

A pretty minimalist concept that requires you to simply sit back and enjoy without asking too many questions it's dark, unexpected, occasionally hilarious and gory whilst also being strangely satisfyingly forgettable.

Unaffecting and brutally entertaining I'm glad I stumbled upon it late at night on a movie channel and it's a shame it hasn't found a wider audience.

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