The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

× ranked | distributed by netflix
× ranked – years | 2020
× ranked – actor | robert pattinson

first of all... holy fuck, what a cast! i don't think there is one person whose performance falls short in the devil all the time.

the devil all the time is a good example of the types of films that i expect netflix to be investing in and releasing. i know they're pretty focused on monopoly right now but i really wish they'd take a more curated approach to the content that they stamp their names on. i always hoped netflix would grow to be a bit of a A24 meets Disney type of company - throwing a shitload of money at creating family content since they're literally a 'home' media system and then taking those profits to invest in new talent, alternative stories, somewhat arthouse films. 🤷🏻‍♀️

ANYWAYS, even though the pacing was a little off at times, i was greatly surprised by the devil all the time and it gave me that "oh this is something to revisit again and again" grip.

i'm not sure if this will make sense but i feel like the devil all the time got right what i'm thinking of ending things got wrong. it's like... an implicit and humble depth? i really loved all these messy stories being intrinsically linked to one another and the way that plays into one of the first things the narrator tells us about the people of knockemstiff:

"...nearly all of them connected by blood by one godforsaken calamity or another, be it lust, or necessity, or just plain ignorance."

the fact that the narrator is the author of the original book is really the cherry on top for me. i do think the voiceover adds immensely to the movie. i'm a massive book lover and i don't care what anyone says, books always always always give us more than a movie can, no matter how well adapted a movie is. there are things that we can't (and shouldn't) pick up by merely watching and even without reading the actual book, i felt like the voiceover was adding that layer.

pretty excited to watch this again in the future and grasp more details of it!

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