Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Used to direct crime pictures,after The Gentlemen,Guy Ritchie returned to his most popular function,and he doesn't dedicate to such genre for nothing,the way how he coordinate a story is eventually unique,the fascinating fact is that there's no some feature able to equate a movie with another,the most of them is comical as well,but there are countless examples putting both genres together,he's not the only one doing that,an exception is his year's release,prioritizing thriller and especially action,honestly speaking,during the first act I wasn't too excited,however,the work accomplished from a versatile editing raised its capacity to entertain,although it seem almost a guarantee for a complex exploration like this,its screenplay is quite clear,a high amount of male characters is noticeable,always someone new appears on screen,but for not trying to be didactic and fully manages its storyline,this common failure doesn't exist,portraying three points of view from the second act was a great resource,becoming it more engaging,more remarkable,and nullifying any possibility of boredom,with Ritchie nothing goes wrong.

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