more of a tv watcher so currently going through mainstream movies i haven't seen and then hoping to become a decent reviewer

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  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    i finally watched it after 17 years and i might be literally murdered for saying this but it's really not that great

  • Swiss Army Man

    Swiss Army Man


    wow this is a good film, when i first started it i came in with an open mind but the first scene made me hate it right off the bat but through out this film you see the ups and downs of life and how hard it is but how we wouldn't trade it in for anything. super touching. only thing i'd change is the ending

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  • Fight Club

    Fight Club


    I was never really told any summary of the movie but it was really nothing that i thought it was i was expecting a movie about cocky "guys' guys" starting a secret under ground boxing ring , much to my surprise the movie is about how idiotic that is. it speaks on the insignificance and alienation capitalism forces, and makes us result to violence and mayhem as our only way to counter act the exploitation of the U.S economic system…

  • The Mauritanian

    The Mauritanian


    a wonderful movie that really finally talks about how corrupt the us government is while still being able to make a good movie. the story is heartbreaking and makes me disgusted to be an american the acting and writing is great but the camera work and editing is absolutely wonderful.