The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ★★★★★

the fate of middle-earth will be decided

(extended cut: 235 mins)

now amidst this beloved trilogy this one is probably the closest to my heart. as it was the only dvd out of the three I’ve owned for quite some time growing up. it’s most likely my fav too as the journey is still ongoing as we witness the perils our lush characters have to face.

it would be another year or so that I finally followed up the Fellowship with this. Me and my siblings watched this so much we would recreate the running scene with aragorn, legolas and gimli on our hills as we waited for the orcs and uruks to jump out at us. Around this time I got the Two Towers on gamecube and omg still one of the best games I ever played (i always picked my boi legolas). 

but of course an undoubtful mystical dive back in middle-earth and just pushed more on the shaping of my imagination. Ugh it sucks cause just thinking how pure I was and how divine the world was in my mind. How disappointed I am now...but I guess that’s why it’s such a treat to be back in middle-earth again to feel like kid again and remember the enchanting journey once more through misty eyes...of a long ago kid dream, that was just that...a dream.

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