The Hunchback of Notre Dame ★★★★★

 were you once an outcast too ?

omg i haven’t seen this in forever like im not kidding i was like either three or four haha. i loved it then and seeing it now after all this time...i love it more. it’s simply mesmerizing with its spectacular artwork, fantastic characters, imo the best songs and just a heartfelt story in the city of romance. quasimodo’s journey in the story is just so touching and heartfelt that it really makes it a one of a kind disney experience to me. really way before it’s time with darker themes and some subliminal adult hidden meanings i didn’t catch that young. phoebus & esmerelda make it even more magical with strong charming chemistry & her headstrong gypsy ways haha

i actually would be fine with a live-action remake of this from disney, give it a second chance in a new world of movie-goers & for the few nostalgic ones who adore this story. and i know the perfect casting for quasi...james mcavoy! he’s short, built stocky, can sing and is a phenomenal actor. With a little make-up touch for the hunchback look he would be a dream come true for the part. ya’ll im calling it now ;)