The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★½

i̲ ̲g̲o̲ ̲t̲o̲ ̲b̲e̲d̲ ̲w̲i̲t̲h̲ ̲a̲l̲l̲ ̲m̲y̲ ̲f̲r̲i̲e̲n̲d̲s̲

Wes Anderson is my spirit animal. There is no doubt about it. I wish he directed the world I live in. His dry witty humor is my kind of laughs. He cares about his characters greatly and crafts such beautiful realistic-fairy tales around them. I’m just—fuck—I’m speechless. I don’t know what else to say about this film that hasn’t been said. I want to be apart of the magical journeys inside this creative director’s head.

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