Midsommar ★★★

note to self: don’t go to sweden horny

after digesting a second watch im sure I’ve come up with a verdict. ari aster has an eye for aesthetics no doubt but im not going out on a wimb to say he’s a horror mastermind. 

the film needlessly ripped so much from the original Wicker Man and a tad from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  My friend and four others were at this screening, they laughed their ass off at the last 30mins. The film tries so hard to be deep and too disturbing but comes of so weird it’s comedy and I felt bad for the movie for it. Not to mention if you pay close enough attention in the beginning the film reveals its cards too quick! I noticed my first viewing and it gave away its own ending...I just didn’t know how it would get there.

I think it sacrificed a lot in the third act for style that just copied a better film. Like serious if you had a cult horror film booklet, this film check every box there was instead of making its own boxes. After an interesting setup it devolves into your average slow-burn thriller fare. besides the gorgeous look of the film it tries to be so pretentiously artsy that it doesn’t add anything new.

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