Tenet ★★★★

John David Washington really said “I’M the main character!!!”

There are two things I know for sure; IMAX screenings are on my list of favorite things in the world, and that if there’s anything that can make me absolutely giddy, it’s a Nolan film.

So what if I didn’t understand what was going on for 75% of movie???? I know it looked dope and I was SO excited to keep watching. I think knowing that the whole inversion thing was literally choreographed into the action scenes made me like them even more. The score FUCKS (the song that took us through the highway scene? what a treat) and even though I’m a firm supporter of the Nolan + Zimmer bromance, Ludwig Goransson really hit it out of the park. I really liked that Nolan broke out of the ZimmerMurphyHardyCaine (okay maybe not Caine) thing for this one. John David Washington really brought something special to separate Tenet from Nolan’s other gun shooting-time warp-heist movies. It’s definitely going to need another watch for me to understand (or two or three, with subtitles please god) but it’ll still be so enjoyable. 

I would like to leave this by saying that when Aaron Taylor Johnson came on, I got that feeling that everyone got when Bob Odenkirk showed up as the dad in Little Women, and finally, it’s Robert Pattinson’s Twilight world, and we’re just living in it.

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