Vadim has written 5 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2012.

  • Sun Don't Shine

    Sun Don't Shine


    It's kind of awkward that I hate this so much, since I'm acquainted with co-lead Kentucker Audley in passing and am friendly with Miriam Bale, who's championed this, but here goes. I didn't enjoy watching Sophia Takal working out her jealousy about watching husband Lawrence Michael Levine and BFF Kate Lyn Sheil make out during Gabi On The Roof In July by directing Green, in which Takal is now the temptress goddess and Sheil is the one freaking out about…

  • Author! Author!

    Author! Author!


    Al Pacino and a bunch of mouthy, terribly unappealing children. Matters not improved one whit by Tuesday Weld's monstrous slut of a wife; some relief from the overall obnoxiousness seemingly offered by delightfully frizzy-haired Dyan Cannon, but she turns out to be an equally horrible person in her own right, obsessed with going to Elaine's and getting attention from the intelligentsia she can never be part of. Sort of off-handedly charming in its capture of a lost Manhattan — a Broadway wonderland where Jews can roam in peace — but it's all rather grating.

  • Girl Walk // All Day

    Girl Walk // All Day


    Who doesn't like Girl Talk, so this isn't intolerable. What it is is some girl who isn't a very good dancer goes to a ballet class but she can't handle the stuffy, repressive atmosphere (which begs the question of why she paid for the damn classes in the first place) — so she starts spazzing and getting into people's space, the footage goes from black-and-white to color as she antagonizes all (liberation!), and then she traipses through Manhattan, dancing amateurishly…

  • Ruby Sparks

    Ruby Sparks


    WELL AT LEAST THEY TRIED TO MAKE A REAL MOVIE. That dude's a dick though for real. Should've been a comedy.

  • Side by Side

    Side by Side


    Keanu's endearingly doofy, but the thesis (FRET NOT! WE'LL FIGURE IT OUT! FILM HISTORY IS SAFE IN OUR HANDS!) is bad, and the filmmaking's dismal. Proper review forthcoming.