The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ ★½

"The Case For Christ is pretty slow going, tedious rather than offensive, with Strobel repeatedly whiteboarding out the evidence as callback voice-overs add up all the pieces until he’s convinced. 'All right, God,' he finally says. 'You win.' Despite the relative mildness, this is finally a fairly familiar Pure Flix story about an atheist whose hatred for Christianity ('You people and your God!') is probably rooted in something other than rationality; Dunaway’s psychologist explains that the 'father wound' caused by absent dads can, implicitly, lead to rejection of one’s Heavenly Father—a common line of evangelical argument. Strobel is finally overwhelmed into accepting the target audience’s beliefs. These, granted, are kept deliberately limited, with no mention here of Strobel’s stance on abortion or gay marriage. (Take a guess, though.) But strategic omission doesn’t make this all that different a pure flick, or one more likely to win over the unconverted."

There are all these great films I haven't written up, but...I mean, you get what you pay for. The rest is here.