Golden Exits

Golden Exits ★★★½

"Alex Ross Perry’s Golden Exits premiered last night to a wave of Twitter responses that were outstandingly negative, and this morning’s P&I screening was accordingly underpopulated, especially for a movie with Big Names in it — that’s simply not the norm. It’s a little strange that the film is being perceived as a whiff, or a step in a wrong/different direction, instead of one that logically continues from his previous work. ARP’s stated goal was to make a film 'without a single moment or bit of characterization that could possibly be thought of as abrasive, confrontational, negative, what have you.' This comes out in a different form through his anti-protagonist Nick (Adam Horovitz) just before a small dinner party: 'I would love a situation without torment or turmoil and I believe that is within reach.' OK, fine, so here’s some sample non-abrasive dialogue: 'The normal existence of my sister makes me lose my appetite.' 'I felt relief in the worst possible way when mom died.' Here is a non-hostile exchange: 'I really like Gwen.' 'Give it time.' So, it’s not like we’re in totally new terrain here: the ARP norm is very much a group of people who sound suspiciously similar (different parts of the same brain rather than firmly differentiated characters) being articulately mean to each other while using the same vernacular and syntactical structure. Golden Exits is maybe 30% less abrasive than its predecessors, but it’s still very much in the same pocket."

I liked it!