Escape from Tomorrow

Escape from Tomorrow ★½

Simply awful; can't imagine how it could've been 15 minutes longer at Sundance, because it feels endless as is. The very concept of the "Disney-fication" of America/the world is valid shorthand for how a mega-corporation can take any aspect of life and render it toothless and smotheringly cute for hefty ancillary profits, but it's also an easy word to deploy for the smug to congratulate themselves on seeing through all that bullshit without attempting all that much actual analytical thought. Escape From Tomorrow is the logical product of that kind of worldview: it has nothing to say but "Daaaaaamn, Disney World is a nightmare," and it's ugly and witless, with a tempo that initially could be initially mistaken for radically dislocating but which eventually reveals itself as neophyte ineptitude. The final irony is that the movie depends on the thing it attacks in order to get anyone to pay attention to it and becomes assimilated by the very spectacle it would attack, an irony that seems to have gone right over Randy Moore's head. Part of me is glad the Disney corporation didn't give him the satisfaction of a publicity-generating lawsuit; part of me wishes they'd soaked him for everything he had.