Suspiria ★★★★

Top 250 Directors Challenge - 10/250 (#210 - Dario Argento)

Glad to finally get one of my OG watchlisted movies knocked off, and I think this is easily a better watch than the remake. Plot nitpickers beware- Suspiria is all vibes and stylistic flourish, but those vibes are impeccable. The style is the substance. The Goblin soundtrack is in the conversation for best horror soundtracks ever, and the colors tell a story just as much as the script does.

This isn't a perfect movie; in fact, it was just the slightest bit disappointing based on my impossibly high expectations. There's only a couple of issues, but they hold the film back from being even my favorite Argento. The acting isn't terrible but shakey, and the adr is sometimes distracting. The main issue is that the ending didn't really land for me. I liked it in concept, but the climax had some goofy ass effects which didn't do much but kill the vibe.

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