The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★

I love the idea of getting a bunch of your actor friends together to act in a few very sexy, very well designed vignettes, and to that extent this film is basically FLAWLESS, but in many other regards, I didn’t find myself totally in love with this one! I felt as though there was no true through line. Bill Murray and the paper itself were obviously the INTENDED through lines of the film, but I didn’t really connect to either, as I don’t believe we spent enough time with them, instead zipping through different pages of the magazine much faster than I’d like. The staff lorded him as the wonderfully intelligent and resourceful leader, but I never personally saw that. He was just Bill Murray, with way less screen time that he deserves! 
Either way, a Wes Anderson film is a Wes Anderson film, so I enjoyed it quite a lot.
Jeffery Wright and Timmy were the highlights for me!

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