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This review may contain spoilers.

*due to external forces i was forced to watch dubbed*

NON SPOILER PART aka me trying to get you to watch this
This is… Sparta-rea. Korean Tarantino. It’s so flawlessly executed and masterfully shot it's hard to not bug on about, and what’s so weird is that this is an American story with a Korean twist. At its core, it’s truly just “Saw” with kids games and a fuckton of money, but it builds on that with corruption, degeneracy, criminality, and the best moral compass usage I’ve seen in international media since 2019’s “The Platform”.  
As a guy who rarely touches international media for a reason I’ll explain later, I honestly feel that I’ll slowly start to delve into it after this. That’s how fucking good it is. If you’re not a person who prefers to view international things in their original language like myself, as a person who watched the dub I can confidently say that it stands tall in English just as well as in Korean. Please watch this.

But only if you want to. 🙃



As previously stated, I believed that “The Platform” is the best character development I’d ever seen in media, until now. The way that *I'm going to try to pronounce the names, but for now it’s number time kids :)*  456 goes from a degenerate, miserable motherfucker of a gambler, strangely reminiscent of Adam Sandler’s Howard character in “Uncut Gems” to an empathetic and caring soul at the end is so phenomenally done. His watching 218 die after hearing 001, who was almost a father figure to him get capped * not really* was depressing because he became so much weaker in those moments than ever before except maybe when running from the sharks at the beginning of the show.  But he even went down the dark side temporarily during the marble game, though it was relatively justified compared to the next guy on the list, 218. It’s foolish to say that he doesn’t become a fucking monster by the finale, between him having Ali whacked in the most depressing scene in the whole show besides a couple to his brutal whacking of 067, for no fucking reason, is phenomenally acted as well, and I was glued to the screen whenever he and Gi-Hun were arguing. It was fucking unbelievable. 067 went from a character I couldn’t fuck with to someone I felt for, mostly because I wanted her brother taken care of, poor bastard wasn’t even aware of how truly fucked up his life was. As a character though, she only really interested me at the end, but that’s just me. Then, there are my favorites and also some of my least favorites; 101 and 212. I hate 212 with a passion, but she was acted flawlessly and masterfully and I have nothing but praise for Kim Joo-ryoung for her performance. Meanwhile, I loved how gangsta 101 was, quite fucking literally. Mufucka straight up murked a dude in the car and den hopped out and bitched errybody and then jumped off a fucking bridge. I hated every scene he was in with 212 and I hated how he died but other than that he was an amazing character. I can’t say anything about 001 as of right now except for HOLY FUCKKKING SHIT IT WAS HIM???!!! And honestly, I didn’t care or pay attention to the whole subplot involving Hwang Jun-Ho at all. 

Again I’ll edit this later to make it even longer but for now, that’s it.

Lotus out.

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