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  • À Nos Amours

    À Nos Amours


    A film that is able to locate/articulate the ever-shifting point from which desire is spawned, teased, consummated, then converted into either indifference or repulsion. The attention to medium/art form in each scene is really fascinating (eg a discussion about the difficulty of crafting dialogue leads into a scene of a nude drawing class, leads into the scene where Suzanne slips in her affinity for Bonnard) — like falling in love, you leave your clues and pray they’ve been hinting theirs (and where they don’t, you invent), you spend hours on just three lines...then forget about it and move on to the next one.

  • Il Posto

    Il Posto


    A brilliant send up of a state of mind I haven't thought about in awhile: the first few days of school, or work, or other mandatory, ongoing "phases" of life, when you're still stimulated by the promise of "newness". Your excitement has an interesting effect: you're both completely present and scrupulously attentive to new details and inputs; but that presence is a function of you projecting into the future--"ah, here is my love interest, here is my position, here is…