Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation ★★★½


Viewed in 35mm 

52 Films by Women - Film #4 

”Enjoy your fright.” 

Regardless of my issues with her films, I truly have been struck by the analysis of the human condition that Sofia Coppola explores in her films. Really never can I recall a moment in her films where it feels manipulative for the sake of having ”emotion”. Every little moment is so carefully placed and detailed to make sure the audience understands why everything unfolds the way it does. With Lost in Translation, her Oscar-winning screenplay is so deserving of that title as it’s the most confident she’s ever been exploring what makes us human. Such profound characters that stand for the confusion in life flawlessly, and it takes someone special to tell a story like this with such balance. To clarify, my main issue with Coppola’s directing style is that it can become dull, for me. (This would be an 8 if the second act didn’t lose me as much.) But, her writing really makes it worth exploring. This is something that can click with me more in the future, I’m sure of that.

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