Night Train to Terror

Night Train to Terror ★★★½

Hooptober Part VIII Film #13

HAHAHAHA WHAT A MESS!!!! Night Train to Terror starts with a 80s singalong on a train car, followed by God and Satan discussing the nature of good and evil, following by newlyweds driving off a bridge, followed by an overly sleazy kidnapping / organ selling plot. That is just the first 10 minutes. Quite possibly the most nonsensical anthology of stories I’ve ever seen. Was that dude’s name PAPINI???? The beginning had me groaning, but the barrage of stupidity was so unrelenting that my disdain quickly became uncontrollable laughter. Would have to be very specific about who I’d recommend this to. It’s greasy and stupid, poorly made, slapped together within an inch of its ADHD life, but it’s filled with bonkers “WHAT!!!” inducing moments that are 100% unpredictable. This is undoubtedly MY TRASH. I cheered when Cameron Mitchell popped on screen in the 3rd and most entertaining story. They chose wisely going out on such a potently bugfuck note. Truly a train wreck, one that I couldn’t peel my eyes away from. This one is for the trash lovers.

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