Deadly Blessing

Deadly Blessing ★★½

Hooptober Part VIII Film #14

Borgnine and Berryman add some nice Amish hollering moments. There a couple of good scares / kills, particularly dug the proto-Freddy snake bath and the Sharon Stone spider snack. Sad to say there are a lot of long dull stretches. I was not in love with the scenery enough to warrant the lingering. Also I’d be happy to never hear people talk about “the incubus” again. Liked the final moment quite a bit, but it’s unearned. The film is shot competently enough, I think the story just didn’t grab me. I guess turn to this when you want to see gorgeous women get yelled at by men with chin strap beards and weird hats. One of the more mediocre Craven films I’ve seen.

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