Snoopy, Come Home

Snoopy, Come Home ★★★

It's hard to describe Snoopy, Come Home since these days Peanuts in general anymore is just a corporate face (I mean that in a non snarky way) with Snoopy or Charlie Brown popping up at your local grocery store to help celebrate whatever holiday with a film they want you to buy again.

SCH not what you would put in front of your kids during a holiday. This is easily the most depressing of any of the Peanuts canon (Well, except maybe Race For Your Life Charlie Brown) You deal with these real life issues, and it's kind of unexpected when you're use to the MUCH lighter fare that Charlie Brown brings.

As depressing as it is watching Snoopy deal with losing life long friends, speciesism, and CANCER, this is still done without feeling manipulative. You know it's all gonna turn out okay, but you can find yourself doubting that right around the second time Snoopy mopes around as even the backup singers are getting blue.

It's up there as one of the best Peanut films. It's memorable for "NO DOGS ALLOWED" but it's that kinda "Birth of a Nation" thing where you've pushed all the KKK propaganda out of your head and just remember the good things. You forget how sad SCH becomes.

Music. Animation. Story. Voice Acting. All exceptional. But it'll be pushed aside because of two superfluous Christmas specials and Met-Life.

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