BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

"El Paso, Flip! El Paso."
Based in the book Black Klansman, from Ron Stallworth. The first African American police officer from the city of Colorado in United States, joins the force in a time with a lot of racism and preconception. At a time where the Ku Klux Klan was being formed, Ron decide to infiltrate in the group and tear it down in the best way as possible, from inside, but once that he couldn't phisically get there, his partner Flip, a Jewish got to be there in the Klan. Directed by Spike Lee and writenn by Spike Lee, David Rabinowitz, Charlie Wachtel and Kevin Willmott.
This story is a real one, i'm not so sure how much of true facts we have in here and how much got invented for the narrative to flow, but i can say that it is much well successful, the story is very well told, you can understand what is going on very well, you can get who is a douchebag and who is a good person, wich side each one is, you decide if this is good or not, i think that for this story it did worked. Spike Lee was able to put in our view different sides, we can see the racists white people, the not racist white people, the militants, that, in some way, also does spread some hate as well, and our character, Ron Stallworth, is in the midway of that, he, of course, hates the racists, and also, knows that isn't all white people and cops are bad people, so he sees in the big picture, that isn't a bad or good side, except the racism one wich is bad, but in cops and in militants, there are good and bad things in both of them. The movie makes a point of showing us, brutally and raw the racism that exist, it is so ugly and nasty, there are some moments that it got me right at the "Get Out" movie for example, in dialogues and in visuals, things got hard and deep. There are a few things in the story where things could have been a bit better in my opinion, there some things that are well developed, some things that kind of feel out of place, some scenes go for so long, the movie could have been a bit shorter as well.
The acting here, i found it great. John David Washington was great, he could show me how indignant he was about the whole racism situation, he could pass me the rage that he felt when he got disrespected, i could see in his face how much he wanted to fight back, in other moments he was funny, discounting the anger like punching the air, his expressions was really nice and convencing, great job. Laura Harrier was also pretty good, she as a militant leader made me believe that people was on to her. Adam Driver is damn great, he pass through some situations that are kind of extremes, he is totally in embarrassed moments during some moments of this movie, and it seems that he always have a good answer, for more tense that his position could have been, he was the best on giving me the conflicts of being inflitrated in some group like that. Jasper Pääkkönen plays a really stereotyped guy, the way that he portrays his character is pretty close to how he plays his character in Vikings, a very agitated person that is always suspicious about others. Ryan Eggold in other hand plays a much quieter character that trust better in other words. Topher Grace as David Duke also did a good job, he can use the words really well. Alec Baldwin have a small part in this, and he is just hateful. Paul Walter Hauser is also in here, and he plays his character in the same way that any other of his characters, a drunk dumbass.
Even that the movie is in the 70's, you can see that a lot of those things still happens in nowdays, wich is sad and a terrible thing that we have in our society, this movie does criticizes the people a lot, showing how ridiculous and disgusting racist people are, Spike Lee did this with maestry, you can just feel the anger and frustration running in your veins when you see the scenes in this movie, and he did in a way that you could feel in the whole place how much wrong things was going o there.
The soundtrack of this movie is fantastic, it is so amazing, like a guitar in a epic solo, for some reason it reminded me of Jimi Hendrix. So as the photography in general, the shots in here have a 70's feeling, since the way that it got filmed, there is some really pretty moments that the camera film from the nature. There are some dutch cameras being utilized in here that represents pretty well the unbalance that is happening in the scene and also in the planet in general.
The movie also does criticizes the government openly, without letting anyone have any kind of doubt on what they are referring to, during the end, it is a really shocking thing that comes at you like a strongly punch, right at the stomach.

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