Us Again

Us Again ★★★★

I watched this 3 times last night, then watched it another 2 times today. It's not totally perfect, but still just magical.

The guy's kind of selfish and she should probably have left him already, but it's still really sweet when she forgives him. I would have liked a better use of silence in the music, for example when he goes outside before the rain starts to fall. A little more dynamic range in the music would also help drive the freshness of each moment without it starting to feel "samey" when the same theme is repeated for several minutes straight. Maybe they could have added something just a little deeper with the story. A longer ensemble dance number would have been an easy win. But these are really just minor, minor things. It's still so cute and so fun. I'm always thankful for well-done musical animations, even if they're only a few minutes long!

I'd love to see a 100-minute feature that revolves around a few scenes like this.

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