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  • Ishtar



    Like The In-Laws, but in Morocco and not quite as good (most movies are significantly worse). They wrote the music AND the lyrics.

  • Saw



    Not really what I expected honestly, only one of the signature traps is dramatized with two others only existing in brief flashbacks. Needlessly convoluted for the first movie in a series. Can you imagine if it never got a sequel? The puppet would make 0 sense.

    Anyways, I know one critic classifies the Saw and Final Destination series as "grand slashers," and I do think they represent parallel evolutions of the slasher genre. Whereas Final Destination is much more enjoyable,…

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  • The 4th Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special

    The 4th Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special

    Tim Heidecker may be an alcoholic, pseudoscientific, MAGA-peddling nutjob with anger problems, but I fucking hate Gregg Turkington.

    There is a lot to hate about Gregg Turkington. He has no interests outside of movies and no knowledge about that sole passion. He believes that to love movies means to recoil at every other artistic medium. He dresses like someone unaware that they exist in the physical realm. Something about his very existence just seems cowardly, like a worm looking for…

  • Cats


    The death rattle of narrative. Traditional elements of story do appear, but they do so with the haphazard pace of spittle flying from a dying man's lips. The movie makes no concession to narrative, but has the audacity to pull from it at the odd moments that it feels narrative is necessary. Cats reminded me why we need story in order to communicate the feelings, ideas, and images that we want known, but also made me sort of wish we didn't.