Violeta Went to Heaven

Violeta Went to Heaven ★★★★

As Part of the "March Around the World 2015" Challenge

The harrowing story of Violeta Parra's furious battle to reclaim her Chilean heritage. Scouring the countryside for folksongs and traditional art, Violeta brought her country's music to the world. A brilliant artist capable of self-expression via any means (her tapestries and paintings hung in the Louvre), Violeta became haunted by her quest for recognition. A moving performance from Francisca Gavilán brings the necessary gravity and soulfulness to Parra, and gives a voice to Chilean culture. Camerawork by director Andrés Wood lends a folkloric quality to the narrative, weaving in and out of defining moments in Violeta's life, and introducing surreal elements and ghostly imagery.

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