Hooptober Ocho 2021

This will be my 6th Hooptober(!) and 9th October horror marathon!

Link to original list

I'm also doing my own Seance-a-thon so it'll be double features every night for me.

6 countries (I'm personally excluding Asia & UK from this because of the other categories)
-The White Reindeer (Finland)
-The Wolf House (Chile)
-The Bird With the Crystal Plumage (Italy)
-The Day of the Beast (Spain)
-The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales (Mexico)
-The Babadook (Australia)

8 decades (I do every decade as a personal rule)
Silent Era: The Cat and the Canary
1930s: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1940s: Hold That Ghost
1950s: The White Reindeer / The Abominable Snowman
1960s: The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales / The Devil Rides Out…