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  • Teenage Hitchhikers

    Teenage Hitchhikers


    Sometimes when you roll the dice you end up watching a movie with lines like, “From now on, every time I rape somebody I’ll be thinking something’s wrong with me!” I need better dice.

    YouTube — the digital equivalent of that drive-in movie theater I wasn’t allowed to go to when I was a kid.

  • Sully



    Peculiarly structured and plain sloppy in spots, but involving the whole way through. Nice to see Clint Eastwood working in stealth-Democrat mode again, too.

  • Tom Thumb in the Land of the Giants

    Tom Thumb in the Land of the Giants


    Starts out like something in Forry Ackerman’s mail pile, then the glue and Seconal kick in.

  • Lights



    Xmas à la particle collider.

  • God Speed You! Black Emperor

    God Speed You! Black Emperor


    Tries the patience somewhat with its dour visuals and ultra-deliberate pace, not to mention its whiny, inert protags (that’s my judgment, not Yanagimachi’s). But there’s still bite to GSY!BE’s exploration of how capitalism fails to account for the consequences of its inherent comfort, and the way it ultimately infects even the most innocuous forms of rebellion — and I’m talking pillow-fight innocuous here. Best of all, though, is how the luminous scenes of the Emperors tearing off down some highway en masse make it clear that the “fast” part of the “going nowhere fast” equation is sometimes all that matters.

  • Last Summer

    Last Summer


    I think I get it now: The Internet is a labor-saving device for teenage psychopaths.

  • Go! Go! Go!

    Go! Go! Go!


    Humanity’s insectoid bustle, less purposeful the further away you get. So determined, so doomed.

    Fun to see Coney Island when it was still an attraction — not a whitefish in sight. Other than that, I’m always struck by how NYC remains itself no matter how much it changes over time. I like to hope that’s still true.

  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

    Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

    I can’t rate this because I abandoned it pretty early on, but it wasn’t shock or revulsion that drove me away — more a sense that I was watching gassy, high-minded porn propped up by self-conscious formality and smug, pseudo-academic finger-wagging (and no small amount of winking perviness). Call me a boor, but sometimes it takes a bullshitter to spot bullshit.

    I’m sure I would’ve had a different experience if I’d skipped Pasolini’s dire, read-aloud introduction, which I’ll do if…

  • The Manson Family

    The Manson Family


    Sharon Tate’s murder gets the Fire Walk With Me treatment, and whatever you think of the rest of this movie if that scene doesn’t rattle you then you’re made of stone.

    Karina Longworth got the last word on the Manson story nearly a decade later, in case you still need a dose — her take is more thorough, less exploitative, and somehow more disturbing, despite all the gore and grime Van Bebber piles on here. Still, she probably owes him a hat tip.

    Personally, though, I’ve had enough Charlie to last two lifetimes. I’m done.

  • Untitled (for R.)

    Untitled (for R.)



  • Passage à l'acte

    Passage à l'acte


    The long goodbye.

  • The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday

    The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday


    Something to offend everybody several times over, but also sweet, goofy, and fun.