Descent Into Darkness: My European Nightmare ★★★★

Remember, kids: Always pack more of your meds than you think you’re going to need. A lot more.

Gives Visitor Q a run for its money in that it anticipates and delivers just about every atrocity you can come up with, sidestepping incest and lactation in favor of, uh, babysitting and barbecue. Whereas Miike’s movie is backhandedly life-affirming, though, this one just succeeded in grinding my latest bout of found-footage obsession into the (bloody, shitty) asphalt; I think I’ll find a nice, calm studio Western to watch next.

A cinematic feat nonetheless, and in hindsight impressively crafty in the way it slowly reveals what’s really going on and in how it suggests way more than it ever actually shows. Still best to avoid if you’re even slightly suggestible or easily disturbed. Or have a pulse, really.

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