Cruella ★★★★

first of all let me begin by talking about how good the costume design in this film is. i’ve never seen such beautiful yet somehow different and unique dresses before. the costume designers really need a lot of credit for this film. 

this review does contain spoilers so you have been warned 

i want to start at the end because i have the most to say about that. i was not aware that there was an end credit scene and it took me by surprise when i saw it: though the end credit scene does set up the beginning of 101 dalmations since we’re introduced to pongo and perdita. i think that this inclusion makes a good set up for a potential sequel or a remake of 101 dalmations. 

moving onto the climax of the film. for me personally the second half of the film was kind of dragging and the pace got off: though the film does lag the ending does make up for that: i did see the reveal that the baroness was cruella’s mother coming though i didn’t know which direction they would take it as it could have gone multiple ways. 

let’s take a moment to talk about the character of cruella. i think emma did an incredible job of portraying her and embodying the character. 

all in all this film was very enjoyable and it’s one of the better disney adaptations and i can’t wait to see where her story goes next.

rating 4/5 stars

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