Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ½

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This review may contain spoilers.

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near the beginning there's a scene where this self-proclaimed "nice guy" won't shut up about his novel and to really own him, the girl serving the "justice" on anonymous creeps tells him his book sounds like shit. like it's not enough for him to have taken her home piss drunk, pressured her into doing drugs, and tried to take advantage of her - he also has to be That Guy, because i guess that makes the little slap on the wrist he gets hit that much harder, you know? get him, sis!

this movie is the result of a lukewarm jezebel-style feminism that wants the catharsis of a rape revenge film but is so restrained by its constant moralizing on violence in media and inability to embrace a truly evil, psychotic female lead because m-my representation!!, that instead of giving us dead rapists, the only thing it can deliver is carey mulligan mildly scolding creeps she meets in bars, carving names into a diary with more force than exhibited when actually doing said scolding, deciding to date bo burnham because he romantically drank her spit and she likes the way he playfully calls her a stupid bitch or something, and then getting murdered by her dead best friend's rapist the moment before she is about to exact something even remotely resembling revenge... but only after tricking a woman into believing she was raped (just a little prank) and making another woman believe her daughter is in the middle of being raped (haha, just a joke) as a way of teaching them a lesson for not believing her friend's rape - because you know, the way you get back at people for believing a rape is fake is by then inventing several fictional rapes to make a point. girl boss shit only!

again - maybe if the approach to this character's broken rationality wasn't so limp and really leaned into the nature and origin of her depravity we could actually have some fun in this movie. instead we get confused preachy r/justiceporn-style gotchas and not a single dead rapist to show for it.

the final shot of this feminist rape revenge(??) movie is literally of the charred remains of a dead girl, burned in the middle of the woods by the clown who raped her friend, whose name is inscribed on the necklace coiled neatly on our would-be rape avenger hero's fucking ashes. but it's okay because the cops show up to arrest the rapist :) not for raping her friend, but for smothering her with a pillow during his bachelor party :) watch out boys, justice is served

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