• Old



    Yeah I know I'm like the last person on the Earth to finally get to this, but you know I was eventually going to get to it right? Anyway, after admittingly kinda painful exposition delivered in the first 20-25 minutes, this turns into a pretty tense isolated horror/thriller movie. The way that he makes it play out makes it feel like a horror throwback to around 40-50 years ago, making it feel like a horror through intense dramatics and relationships,…

  • Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam


    Enjoy how much this hates America, the army and the government. This is definitely a movie written by Larry Cohen alright!!! If only it was directed by him

  • Déjà Vu

    Déjà Vu


    Tony Scott produced blockbuster that feels like a procedural Bruckheimer production before turning into like, funnily enough, some Nolan convoluted science fiction route like Tenet but 1) taking itself more seriously and 2) without the posturing that fans do about how smart Nolan's movies are. At it's heart though, it's just a deep melodrama, like most Tony movies in the 21st century are underneath all the crazy and hyperactive editing. Denzel just wants to prevent everything, feels for the victims…

  • Executive Koala

    Executive Koala


    Insane movie that is schizophrenic, bordering on a huge conspiracy that ends unexpectedly wholesome. I mean the whole thing is already absurd due to the nature of a koala being a real life person in a koala costume, but this just goes in so many bizarre, conspiratorial directions. Love this shit

  • Terror Toons

    Terror Toons


    Wacky horror movie that uses cartoon stuff to play on sadism. It's like wacky but it uses it to just be as sadistic as possible all under the guise of pretending to be like violent cartoons in real life. Goofy and fun for the most part, and thank god it isn't like overly horny either. The 2nd movie that I've watched in a row that just feels like it wasn't produced in this reality.

  • Highlander II: The Quickening

    Highlander II: The Quickening


    Love how the sequel to the fantasy guy movie that combines all the silly aspects of the 80s into something cool becomes a incomprehensible cyberpunk movie. It apes the crow before the crow, it has like insane tonal mismatch, going from comedy to action to serious in like split seconds, everything just resolves so quickly without a lot of emotional beats. It's very clear this was studio'd to shit, even with watching the director's cut, which makes this incomprehensible mess even more admirable. Does not feel like a real film in the slightest.

  • Body Melt

    Body Melt


    Goofy movie that isn't really about anything other than critiques of the pharma industry and being all over the place. What I'm saying is that it's another day in aussie land

  • Finch



    Too corny for me without adding much else. Cia op moment

  • Highlander



    The 80s done right. Some neon lights, blurry dirty looking camera lens, high angle swooping cameras, a wacky rock soundtrack, corny family stuff and wacky accents. It all does this in it's silly fantasy premise, bending the silliness (and yet simplicity) of its premise to fit the outlandish aesthetic choices to go with a chaotic, poetic, great time at the movies. It also, as a added bonus, has many many outlandish outfits, and goes through different time periods to showcase…

  • In All Innocence

    In All Innocence


    Love triangle film that starts off as a procedural court drama and then turns into a turbulent love triangle. The aesthetics in this sometimes try to act like a thriller, hell even a erotic one, when it's pretty far from one. Ironically enough, the non-chalant nature of this keeps it up from being too swarmy. Still a pretty decent love triangle film, ends up pretty depressing at the end.

  • Bacurau



    There's something that's like very endearing about this film and the way it perceives itself. Yeah, I mean there's the pretty obvious colonizer angle that plays into this that, while satirizes how dumb some of the white nationalist types are in way, adds a nice layer to this (even if it leans too much into being a bit too silly here). And then there's also the way it culturally treats South Brazilians (thank you Henrique for explaining this during the…

  • The Royale Incident