The Vatican Tapes

The Vatican Tapes ★★★★

One of Neveldine/Taylor's weaker ones, as it is pretty cheaply made, sometimes to its benefit to create a documentary feeling or punk film-making, the camera whipping around to create dramatization of the possession, flying down halls to hit characters, hiding and surveying the characters. The surveillance of the hospitals transmitting to a secret cult of priests watching everyone for demon possessions, despite the fact that the film thinks its ok to drive out Satan but not to kill innocents in the process (centrism is boring folks). All of this, minus the Catholicism centrism, is good stuff.

However, the downside of it being cheap, other than some shots near the end just lacking the impact it would be if it was on a higher budget or more care to aspects of sound important (a lot of this can be quiet at times), is the script. A lot of Neveldine/Taylor scripts are actually quite good, dialogue going back and forth, self-aware and horribly degenerate in the best way. This just feels like a standard DTV script that was just handed out to Neveldine and he had to do his best to elevate it. It definitely makes it less special and more of a conventional horror movie with some great genre flourishes.