31 ★★★★½

I think, similarly to Refn's Only God Forgives, this is Rob Zombie's big fuck you to pretty much all the normies out there who thought that he was going to keep doing stuff like the Devil's Rejects. Certainly the Halloween movies, especially H2, pissed off people because he didn't stay faithful to the Myers lore or style. But H2's attempt to get people mad doesn't get as pronounced as this..... Almost immediately, it feels like the monologue that Doom-head has is telling of what Zombie wants to say to the audience.

"I'm not here to brighten your dismal day; I am here to end your miserable life".

Zombie doesn't want people to just think of these as grindhouse films. He is tired of people deriding enjoyment out of these films as "camp" or having no substance. He wants people to see them and his films for what they are; miserable experiences. Zombie's nihilism finally comes to a full front, showing the world of no escape, our fates controlled by bourgeois who engage in their rich pleasures out of boredom. Memories we have of ourselves are only containing in lost b-roll, our life trapped by industrialization, only to be ended in chaotic madness. Absolutely devastating like H2, but is it ever fucking wild to get to that point.