Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop ★★★★

I only watched this because I knew Kensuke Ushio composed the music, I was pleasantly surprised by how good the movie was. The animation was beautiful and only a handful of coming of age anime films can avoid falling victim to anime tropes and this film joins that rank. My only complaints are that I couldn’t really appreciate the haikus as I can’t read Japanese text. Another complaint is that the pacing was slow during the first and second act, however, it was still entertaining and heartwarming to watch and the third act more than makes up for it, except for one plot-hole that was honestly kind of dumb. But no one expects the film to be some crazy life-changing experience, no, the film is a cute coming of age story that has beautiful animation, a cute simple story and the type of heartwarming & heart wrenching soundtrack that Kensuke Ushio is known for composing.

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