The Card Counter

The Card Counter ★★★★

This is an interesting film, to say the least, It is very divisive and all depends on the viewer's preference. I went with a friend to a press screening and he went in excited after hearing reviews while I was hesitant because of the trailer. What was funny was that I left pleasantly surprised while he was disappointed. The dialogue was very sharp but cringy at times in the "old person just found out what eBay was" type of way but most of the time the dialogue was very sharp, letting it imply a variety of things and leaving viewers questioning what the fuck is going to happen next. There is also the intriguing way in which Shrader decides to show viewers our protagonist's past and how it affects his actions to do a variety of things in the film. It is similar to First Reformed and many of Shraders's other films and many of his habits are shown on full display with a very "mysterious" lonely protagonist and his narration that can come off as pretentious at times, however, it serves to let viewers understand the character better. These were some things I liked and there are good and bad things about the movie that I won't mention that way you can form your own opinion about, these were just some of the things that I liked and that stood out.

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