Tenet ★★★★★

Tenet is Christopher Nolans latest film that hit theaters at the beginning of September. Tenet was supposed to save theaters and save it it did. With by far the best score and action of 2020 Tenet is something spectacular. As my first movie in theaters since Parasite back in January, Tenet in IMAX was beyond my expectations. My first viewing, although I thought the beginning was rushed and somewhat sloppy, upon a second viewing I saw how much it really foreshadows and sets up many events. The movie has great rewatch ability and it feels original down to the core. With any Christopher Nolan film, Tenet has a Soundtrack that is incomparable to anything else and when you hear it, you know thats it’s from Tenet, it’s idea of time is also very ambitious. While some may find it hard to understand the idea of inversion in the movie, the best tip is to just experience it and not try to understand what happened until near or after the end of the movie. Tenet was an amazing experience and even in a rewatch in an empty theater by myself, Tenet had me hooked for all its 150 minute runtime and a second viewing only made the movie better.

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