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  • Scare Me

    Scare Me


    An actor’s charisma can go a long way towards building up an ok script. If the main duo (plus Chris Redd) didn’t have such good chemistry and talent that they could carry a movie that’s mostly just dialogue by itself this wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable. 

    But really it’s about gender politics.

  • Hustlers



    Honestly shocked by how good this movie was. The marketing does not show off how clever this is, how great the acting is, or even that Julia Stiles is in it??

    Top three reasons to see Hustlers
    1. Destiny (Constance Wu) tells the entire story but is an unreliable narrator, which allows for more fantastical setpieces and interpretation when the real story is down-to-Earth, a little scummy, and sad.
    2. Lili Reinhardt's nervous pukes
    3. J. Lo

    ... also J.Lo.…