Tais Nøhr has written 15 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2021.

  • Spectre



    Daniel Craig = Awesome
    Camera work = Gorgeous
    Themes = Summing up Craigs arc nicely
    Action scenes = Mostly on point
    Plot = Makes no sense whatsoever
    Forgetable? Sadly yes.

    I think I wanted to love this too much and it's not horrible but the entire spectre thing is clumsy and way too hastily introduced. Why introduce the greatest bond villain to date to use him so little?

    Seriously, how does Q unravel the entirety of spectre from a ring?…

  • Van Helsing

    Van Helsing


    This is in the same category as Starship Troopers and The Mummy. A crazy B-movie that takes itself seriously while being objectively bad and yet quite entertaining. I don't know why people seem to agree that the first two ones are fun while Van Helsing is bad.

    I loved the film as a kid and decided yo watch it again, prepared to be let down. I didn't. It's not art and it's certainly not a good movie. It's crazy fun…

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Somehow Rian Johnsons favorite act of subverting expectations in a genre that is always doing just that ended up in something that feels extremely generic.

    Knives out isn't bad but certainly isn't close to what it is made up to be either.

    Also, what the hell happened to Daniel Craigs accent?

  • Thor



    While the third act was kinda meh with the destroyer as a really boring 'final boss', the rest of this adventure is fun and slightly underrated.

  • Love, Death & Robots: Lucky 13

    Love, Death & Robots: Lucky 13


    While pretty and entertaining it didn't really touch me or do much other than entertain.

  • Love, Death & Robots: Helping Hand

    Love, Death & Robots: Helping Hand


    What a nighmare. Basicly the space version of the first saw movie.

  • Love, Death & Robots: Fish Night

    Love, Death & Robots: Fish Night


    Not my favorite style of animation but different and cool. The concept was cool but didn't move me like the best of these

  • Love, Death & Robots: Good Hunting

    Love, Death & Robots: Good Hunting


    A strong start, a kinda meh finish with a lot of oversexualized aestetics.

  • WandaVision



    This was a brave move from the people behind the MCU. Very different and surely a very cool wya to show that these films can be about more than just action. Even though I thoughroghly enjoyed the last episodes, nothing can excuse dragging the viewers through those first two episodes of boredom and absolutely no progression.
    They were worth it because of the rest but they are also what will keep me from a rewatch

  • Klown



    This suffers from having to 'beat' the original series in awkwardness. There are a lot of fun scenes and some of the most extreme ones are honestly pretty great just because they set a new standard for what you can do on film. 4,5 stars for bravery, 3 stars for the actual movie.

  • Zootopia



    A fairly nuanced portrait of racism/sexism/classism that was on the border of being too much on the nose. The film had the most generic Disney plot (which is never bad, but we've seen it time and time again). The characters were not as fleshed out as some of the better animated movies. Our main character is a very one-dimensional always-moral rabbit who only breaks with her moral once in a sudden break of character to make the plot move on.…

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


    The great thing about the harry potter books was always the little happy moments in between all the action. The quidditch world cup was one of my favorite expansions of the wizarding world and yet this movie uses it for basicly nothing. The things that are in this are just fine but it really is just pure action and no worldbuilding. I'm missing the flavor and fun.