• Love, Death & Robots: Good Hunting

    Love, Death & Robots: Good Hunting


    A strong start, a kinda meh finish with a lot of oversexualized aestetics.

  • Love, Death & Robots: Suits

    Love, Death & Robots: Suits

    The weird lack of frames, the boring characters and the kinda lousy animation together with a plot that is almost identical to 'secret war' made this a real boring episode to watch and one I'm never gonna take time to give another shot.

  • The Big Lebowski

    The Big Lebowski


    I'm quite late to the party and haven't been in a rush to watch this as I often dislike silly films. This, however, wasn't really silly and it certainly has a charm that makes me understand the cult following. As a first time viewer it still holds up.

  • Love, Death & Robots: The Witness

    Love, Death & Robots: The Witness


    I didn't like the animation style that much but aside from that I'm not sure what this episode wanted to tell me. I get the twist but it's still 'just' that...

  • Love, Death & Robots: The Secret War

    Love, Death & Robots: The Secret War


    While a bit generic plotwise, it was atmospheric and beautiful as hell.

  • WandaVision



    This was a brave move from the people behind the MCU. Very different and surely a very cool wya to show that these films can be about more than just action. Even though I thoughroghly enjoyed the last episodes, nothing can excuse dragging the viewers through those first two episodes of boredom and absolutely no progression.
    They were worth it because of the rest but they are also what will keep me from a rewatch

  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


    Did I care about these characters before? Not at all. Do I now? You bet.

    The action is great but the best thing about this is how political it gets. The theme of patriotism is so much more interesting when we get both sides of that coin. That scene with the shield (you know which one I'm talking about) was one of the strongest in the MCU so far symbolically.

    Aside from patriotism this series dives into structural racism in…

  • Love, Death & Robots: Zima Blue

    Love, Death & Robots: Zima Blue


    Animated in the style of Batman the animated series, this was absolutely visually enticing. It also brings us a very philosophical answer to the question that is: what is art?

  • Love, Death & Robots: Sonnie's Edge

    Love, Death & Robots: Sonnie's Edge


    A bit clunky exposition, a bloody cool (or cool bloody) idea and absolutely beautiful animation.

  • 47 Ronin

    47 Ronin

    What an absolute eyesore of a cgi nightmare. The manusctipt and the lines were just so bad.
    The action scenes were so messy and the acting was bad. I like a lot of the actors but this movie was horrible.

  • RoboCop



    I wish I had seen this when I was younger. It was fun but lal the tropes and chichées that probably stem from this made it too easy to predict the plot five minutes into the film. Still quite cool and I certainly understand the people with nostalgia-tinted glasses who award it with a five-star rating.

  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    This was even better than I remembered it. It is first and foremost extremely effective. It establishes our characters quickly, establishes the outbreak/main problem quickly and establishes the moral theme of 'thinking about yourself or others' quickly. I'm not sure how the film finds time to make me feel for the characters between the constant action sequences. I wish more action movies were like this.